Manufacturing Facility

Three phrases that sum up our factory are highly efficient, on-the-go, and fully outfitted. As of today, the company has become the first and only of its kind to provide microfiber leather, PU leather, and PVC leather from a one-stop source. Periodically, we would retrofit the existing production line as well as introduce new equipment. To understand how the three phrases represent our factory, we offer you concrete examples.

Synthetic PVC Leather Production Line
The first PVC leather production line was put to use in 1992 when the factory was just founded.

Artificial PU Leather Production Line
Similar to PVC leather, PU leather also costs little to produce, requiring only basic manufacturing techniques and processes while catering to the needs of most low-end customers. These leather materials were exceptionally popular at one time when the majority Chinese customers had very limited purchasing capacity and could not afford genuine leather. To meet high demand from the PU leather market, we set up the PU subsidiary in 1997.

Microfiber Leather Production Line
We now live in a time where our standards of living are greatly enhanced and we grow more aware of environmental issues. Microfiber leather is gradually emerging as the new trend-setter due to its excellent physical properties, , multifuctionality, environmental performance and low cost. In 2004, our microfiber leather factory was put in operation which marked a new start for us to increase productivity, reduce energy consumption , and cut down on carbon dioxide emission.

  • Synthetic PU Leather Production Line
  • Synthetic PVC Leather Production Line
  • Microfiber Leather Production Line 1
  • Microfiber Leather Production Line 2
  • Microfiber Leather Production Line 3

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