• "Double Elephant" Synthetic PU Leather
  • "Double Elephant" Polyurethane Microfiber Leather
  • CCC Certificate--English Version

  • Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate--Synthetic PU Leather
  • Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate--- Polyurethane Microfiber Leather
More than 10 patent applications are filed with 6 of them being granted.

Invention Patents

  • Patent Name: Short Polyurethane Microfiber
    Patent No.: ZL200510023908.5
  • Patent Name: Long Polyurethane Microfilament
    Patent No.: ZL200510023909.X
  • Patent Name: An Approach to Raising Nap on Elastic Nonwoven Fabrics
    Patent No.: ZL200510030543.9
  • Patent Name: Nanoscale Odor-Free Bamboo Charcoal Leather for Shoe Sole
    Patent No.: ZL200810244145.0
  • Patent Name: Short Polyamide Microfiber and Production Method Thereof
    Patent No.: ZL200810021551.0

  • Patent Name: Satellite Type Low-Density Polyethylene and Polyamide Short Ultra-fine Fiber and Production Method Thereof
    Patent No.: ZL200810021552.5
  • An Approach to Manufacturing Semi-Polyurethane Crystal-Clear Leather for Balls-20130612

  • An Approach to Manufacturing Ultra-Soft Highly-Resilient Wet-Type Polyurethane
  • An Approach to Making Polyamide Microfiber Nonwoven Fabrics with Mirror Finish-20130724
  • Method for Making Low-Viscosity, Short Polyamide Microfiber Leather for Gloves-20130814
  • Method for Making Waterproof Breathable Microfiber Leather for Safety
  • Method for Making Flame-Retardant Polyamide Microfiber Leather for Car Interior Decorations-20130724
  • Method for Reusing the Leather
  • Method for Making Synthetic Leather of Non-Woven Fabrics-20130724
  • Method for Making Leather for Athletic Shoes-20110504

Utility Patents

  • Patent Name: Wet Polyurethane Film Laminator
    Patent Number: ZL200820041557.X
  • Patent Name: Dry Polyurethane Film Laminator
    Patent Number: ZL200820214740.5
  • Patent Name: Energy-Saving Box in the Oven of Leather Production Line
    Patent Number: ZL200820214741.X
  • System for Removing Formic Acid Produced
    During Dimethylformamide Recycling Process-20120711

National or Industrial Standards of which we have been invited to oversee or participate in the writing

National Standards:
Dry-Type Polyurethane Synthetic Leather [GB/T8949/2008]
PVC Leather
PVC Films and Sheets

Compulsory National Standards
Safety and Technical Standards for Synthetic PVC Leather for Domestic Use

Industrial Standards
Polyurethane Microfiber Leather for Protective Footwear
Polyurethane Leather for Football
Polyurethane Leather for Automotive Use
Polyurethane Leather for Athletic Shoes

State- or Province-Level Scientific and Technological Projects that we have undertaken
China's 863 Program: Key Technological Research of Microfiber Leather
National Torch Program: PU Nappa Leather
Projects for Commercializing Scientific and Technological Achievements: Short Polyurethane Microiber and Polyurethane Microfiber Leather

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