Environmental Protection

We live in a time where we become more aware of the impacts of human activities on our environment and our life. We understand that an overly wasteful way of living and production would only worsen the pressing environmental issues such as the greenhouse effect, endangered species, and loss of tropical rainforests. Without proper management, a company is very likely to end up in an awkward position where both its production and environmental costs are spiraling out of control.

To cut down on production costs and reduce the burden on our environment, there have been clear policies in place at Double Elephant requiring its employees to avoid, reduce, and reuse production wastes. We strictly adhere to ISO14001 environmental management system standards under which the company is certified.

When you buy from us, you are assured of high durability and reliability with synthetic leather that gives years of rugged, trouble-free performance. The long-lasting composite leather reduces the use of materials and leads to less wastes, thereby having less impact on the environment.

Our staff of managers and workers goes about their business with extreme care about their impacts on the environment in an attempt to create a good working environment.
1. In our daily operations, special care is taken to save paper, water, and electricity.
2. The company also implemented a deep energy retrofit to reduce electricity and diesel oil consumptions. Factory retrofit provides long-lasting benefits for us.
3. Hot air is circulated through the oven of our coating system so that residual heat contained in the air can be recycled. 4. Plastic roofing is made transparent, allowing more light to enter the factory.
5. Coal consumption is reduced by circulating hot air through modified Thermal Fluid Heater (AHP).
6. Exhaust fans are replaced with two turbine ventilators.
7. The use of low-efficiency air conditioner is phased out. New air conditioning system is installed to improve energy efficiency.
8. Other old equipment has been swapped out, including the old UPS system, motors, and tube lights with copper choke coils. New fluorescent tube lights with electronic ballasts are fitted.

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