Corporate Strategies

I. Trends
These days terms like eco-friendly or going green have really become buzz words everywhere. Steps are taken to promote the development and spread of environmentally protective products and processing technologies. It is likely that eco-friendly leather will become the new darling of chic very soon.

The rising popularity of synthetic leather in the marketplace will definitely ramp up the development and production of eco-friendly raw materials, the application of clean production technology, and provide the direction towards which the entire green industry is headed.

Double Elephant is among the few leather manufacturers who have obtained the Eco-Friendly Synthetic Leather Certificate. Our leather product bears the trademark of that certification institute.

Developments within this trend include the improved synthetic PU leather, composite PVC leather, and microfiber leather. Each kind of leather has added functions previously seen only in leather of a different kind.

II. Strategies
Double Elephant can not stress enough the importance of our primary business which remains tightly focused on the development and production of microfiber leather to suit the needs of up-market customers. The company features the Chinese Synthetic Microfiber Leather Innovation, Research and Development Facility where leather craftsmen work together with researchers from well-known research institutes to jointly develop world-class microfiber leather.

III. Sources of Funding
The company has a high credit rating which allows us to gain financial support from banks when necessary. We can get loans from financial institutions, use our own savings, or obtain money from the stock market. All the money collected will go into the company development and operations.

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