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    1. Microfiber Leather for ShoesOne of the most important uses of microfiber leather is on leather footwear to provide wear resistance, breathability, and consistency as good if not better than genuine leather.
    1. Microfiber Leather for CarsFitted around your car seats, our microfiber leather provides a flame retardant or resistant barrier fabric. That’s right, the leather car seat you sit on keeps you safe. If you want your car interior items to look good wash after wash, our color-fast leather might be your best bet.
    1. Microfiber Leather for FurnitureThere is perhaps nothing worse than wanting to sit and relax in your offices, at home, or in hotels. The sofa you sit on could have been made of better leather than it is clothed in now.
    1. Microfiber Leather for BagsThe kind of material used to make your bags and suitcases is an important factor to consider if you want your products to have both the upscale look and quality.
    1. PU Leather for ShoesSynthetic PU leather may vary in sizes, styles, or grain patterns. The leather shares several common characteristics, such as excellent mechanical strength, durability, and extra comfort, which is why it could find wide use in athletic shoes, casual shoes, women’s shoes, and shoe liners.
    1. PU Leather for CarsFor over 2 decades, we have been serving 4S car shops, car beauty salon, and leather car seats stores as a leather craftsman. Now in our second decade of operation, we remain tightly focused on improving leather quality while keeping its price affordable.
    1. PU Leather for SofasCouches are everywhere these days. You might see one in your office, hotel, and at home. Materials used to make couches may vary, among which PU leather might be one of the best choices.
    1. PU Leather for BagsUpdate your bag with a nod to the popular leather style! We are a specialist supplier of PU leather for bag manufacturers. Our aim is to help bag makers produce more durable, elegant, and cost-effective handbags, school bags and suitcases.
    1. PVC Leather for ShoesOne popular use of PVC leather is on shoes. This synthetic leather makes good shoe liners, offering a range of thickness from 0.35mm to 0.6mm. It also can be used to build the shoe’s upper, available with thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 1.5mm.
    1. PVC Leather for CarsDoes your car stink? Every time you open the car door, the bad leather smell just assails you. Smelly leather not only causes unpleasant odor, but it might also emits poisonous gas called PCP which harms your health.
    1. PVC Leather for SofaLeather is the face of your couch. It is the first thing that impresses a couch buyer who goes for quality, feel, and attractive look. PVC leather for sofa is completely non-toxic, and does not irritate your skin or respiratory system.
    1. PVC Leather for BagsDyed in colorants that are highly dispersible at high temperature, the PVC leather for bags is colorfast with its dye being unlikely to be washed out.
    1. PVC Leather for BallsIt is true that many quality basketballs are made from top-grain leather which is peeled away from pigs. We now offer a less expensive but equally wear-resistant, resilient option for basketballs, volleyballs, and footballs.
    1. PVC Suede LeatherStatic charges can build up rapidly on the surface of your suede leather, causing static electricity sparks that startle you by minor pain or discomfort. The surface of our PVC suede leather has been specially treated to prevent static electricity.