1. PVC Leather for ShoesOne popular use of PVC leather is on shoes. This synthetic leather makes good shoe liners, offering a range of thickness from 0.35mm to 0.6mm. It also can be used to build the shoe’s upper, available with thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 1.5mm.
    1. PVC Leather for CarsDoes your car stink? Every time you open the car door, the bad leather smell just assails you. Smelly leather not only causes unpleasant odor, but it might also emits poisonous gas called PCP which harms your health.
    1. PVC Leather for SofaLeather is the face of your couch. It is the first thing that impresses a couch buyer who goes for quality, feel, and attractive look. PVC leather for sofa is completely non-toxic, and does not irritate your skin or respiratory system.
    1. PVC Leather for BagsDyed in colorants that are highly dispersible at high temperature, the PVC leather for bags is colorfast with its dye being unlikely to be washed out.
    1. PVC Leather for BallsIt is true that many quality basketballs are made from top-grain leather which is peeled away from pigs. We now offer a less expensive but equally wear-resistant, resilient option for basketballs, volleyballs, and footballs.
    1. PVC Suede LeatherStatic charges can build up rapidly on the surface of your suede leather, causing static electricity sparks that startle you by minor pain or discomfort. The surface of our PVC suede leather has been specially treated to prevent static electricity.

PVC Artificial Leather

Animals are killed and their skins are peeled away. Such a cruel way to get genuine leather is not much appreciated in European countries and the US. Besides, genuine leather is typically expensive and would cost you much more for regular maintenance. That is why many apparel and furniture manufacturers in the US and Europe are considering using synthetic PVC leather to replace real leather.

The grain patterns you see on our PVC artificial leather is created by using a patter roller which is made of steel and imprints patterns into the PVC leather. The printed leather provides a wide range of uses on shoes, car interior decorations, couches, and bags and suitcases.

PVC artificial leather is high workable and gives a real leather feel. The leather provides 10 to 12 years or even longer time of use as long as it is properly maintained. With relatively low density but outstanding mechanical strength, synthetic PVC leather is lightweight and resistant to acid, alkali, oil, folding, and the ingress of water.

The shiny, colorful look makes our PVC artificial leather a real eye-catcher. A combination of flamboyant colors and diverse grain patterns provides quite a sight for your sore eyes. It is no wonder girls are so crazy about shoes made of colorful PVC leather. The whole public attention would turn to them! Additionally, it is easy to keep regular leather maintenance routine. All you are required to do is to keep the leather surface clear of any stains and avoid scratching by sharp items.

Presently available include the extruded PVC fabric, embossed PVC fabric, PVC upholstery fabric, PVC clothing fabric, and more.