PVC Leather for Cars

PVC Leather Car Seat Cover

PU Faux Leather Cover with Release Paper

Does your car stink? Every time you open the car door, the bad leather smell just assails you. Smelly leather not only causes unpleasant odor, but it might also emits poisonous gas called PCP which harms your health. For customers who want to get rid of the leather smell, we bring good news to you. Our odor-free PVC leather for cars is designed to create a fresh cabin atmosphere, making your every driving moment an enjoyable moment.

As the ideal material for making leather car seats and other car decorations, the PVC leather for cars is easy to clean. Alarming figures reveal that the sum of money spent on car interior maintenance will double if people buy these decorations without PVC leather cover.

Clad in our wear-resistant PVC fabric, your car seats can give years of use while standing up to wear and fire. If you are a big fan of fashionable car accessories, we recommend you to buy PVC leather items since they can come in different colors and styles, available only at an affordable price. Listed on our catalogue include the PVC car seat cover fabric, PVC car seat cushion fabric, and PVC car door trim fabric. For more information, please contact us directly.