1. PU Leather for ShoesSynthetic PU leather may vary in sizes, styles, or grain patterns. The leather shares several common characteristics, such as excellent mechanical strength, durability, and extra comfort, which is why it could find wide use in athletic shoes, casual shoes, women’s shoes, and shoe liners.
    1. PU Leather for CarsFor over 2 decades, we have been serving 4S car shops, car beauty salon, and leather car seats stores as a leather craftsman. Now in our second decade of operation, we remain tightly focused on improving leather quality while keeping its price affordable.
    1. PU Leather for SofasCouches are everywhere these days. You might see one in your office, hotel, and at home. Materials used to make couches may vary, among which PU leather might be one of the best choices.
    1. PU Leather for BagsUpdate your bag with a nod to the popular leather style! We are a specialist supplier of PU leather for bag manufacturers. Our aim is to help bag makers produce more durable, elegant, and cost-effective handbags, school bags and suitcases.

PU Synthetic Leather

PU synthetic leather may come in different styles. But it all starts as raw material called polyurethane rein. In plastic extrusion, the resin pellets or resin beads are melted down and forced through a shape-forming die to produce polyurethane films. After adhesives are applied to the surface of every piece of PU film, a base material either woven or non-woven fabric is laminated to that surface.

The laminated composite is then baked in an oven to remove moisture thereby forming a tight bond. Various surface treatments are used on the synthetic leather to ensure its grain patterns look nearly the same as the genuine leather. The following printing process gives a little touch-up to the leather, enhancing its feel, toughness, and aesthetic look. Finished PU synthetic leather is commonly used in the design of shoes, bags, furniture, garments, and running gear.

We are a specialist producer and supplier of PU synthetic leather. Our customers are mainly from the downstreatm leather-product manufacturing industries, such as leather furniture, footwear, and car interior decorations. Among them there is no shortage of world-renowned leather product producers. The company has developed 40 patented and 16 proprietary technologies, which come in handy for getting more than 15 international projects done. It has been such an honor for us to be hired to oversee and actively participate in the process of drawing up 11 national standards for Chinese leather industry.

As an eco-friendly substitute for genuine leather, artificial PU leather offers outstanding biological performance and a variety of functions which make it a popular choice for mainstream leather consumers. It represents the development trend of synthetic leather. Non-toxic PU leather delivers outstanding breathability, and is soft and resilient. It is wear-resistant, does not scratch easily, and has high peel strength. Excellent stain resistant characteristic allows for easy cleaning.

Available in our listings include the wood grain PU fabric, woven pattern PU fabric, PU fabric with mirror finish, and more.