PU Leather for Sofas

PU Leather Reception Sofa

PU Leather Sofa and Decoration

Couches are everywhere these days. You might see one in your office, hotel, and at home. Materials used to make couches may vary, among which PU leather might be one of the best choices. PU synthetic leather is a value-added feature to your furniture that enhances the overall look and extends its service life.

There are many other advantages to using PU leather on the furniture, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. As an experienced craftsman of PU synthetic leather, we have partnered up with many large-scale furniture manufacturers including IKEA by supplying the company with PU couch leather. Below is a breakdown of why our PU synthetic leather gets the most attention from furniture makers.

1. A variety of PU synthetic leather is available to meet the different standards required by diverse furniture industries, including the PU couch upholstery fabric, PU furniture upholstery fabric, and PU furnishing fabric.
2. PU artificial leather gives a great, comfortable feel.
3. PU leather couch features unique, clear grain patterns which creates a 3D effect.