1. Microfiber Leather for ShoesOne of the most important uses of microfiber leather is on leather footwear to provide wear resistance, breathability, and consistency as good if not better than genuine leather.
    1. Microfiber Leather for CarsFitted around your car seats, our microfiber leather provides a flame retardant or resistant barrier fabric. That’s right, the leather car seat you sit on keeps you safe. If you want your car interior items to look good wash after wash, our color-fast leather might be your best bet.
    1. Microfiber Leather for FurnitureThere is perhaps nothing worse than wanting to sit and relax in your offices, at home, or in hotels. The sofa you sit on could have been made of better leather than it is clothed in now.
    1. Microfiber Leather for BagsThe kind of material used to make your bags and suitcases is an important factor to consider if you want your products to have both the upscale look and quality.

Microfiber Leather

Everywhere you look, whether at home or in the office, you’ll find microfiber leather on couches, shoes, balls, bags, apparel, and belts. To be truthful, microfiber leather is not leather at all, no matter what anyone ever says. It is simply a copy of genuine leather. Our faux leather can be processed to mimic split suede which is popularly used in car interior decorations, and other industrial, domestic and military items.

Microfiber leather is a kind of synthetic leather or fabric made of microfiber. It has nearly the same look and feel of genuine leather, and is often considered high-grade leather. Characteristics of artificial leather include high breathability, a soft texture, an aesthetically appealing look, and great resistance to wear, cold attacks and aging, which make it a popular choice for leather enthusiasts.

The surface structure of microfiber leather bears great resemblance to that of natural leather, which is why the former delivers performance as good as the latter.

Similar as our synthetic leather is to genuine leather in both structure and performance, it does have some merits that set itself apart from genuine leather.
1. The folding strength of our artificial leather is as good if not better than that of genuine leather. It is able to withstand 250,000 times of folding without rupture at ambient temperature. The figure does not go down much if you are doing the experiment at temperature as low as -20℃, which gives you 150,000 times.
2. A proper level of percentage elongation.
3. Its manufacturing process does not produce any pollution to the environment.
4. Higher availability than natural leather.
5. Microfiber fabric for balls, microfiber fabric for upholstery, and microfiber fiber for apparels are available.

Thermosetting Conditions
Temperature Time
100℃ ≤25 minutes
120℃ ≤10 minutes
130 ℃ ≤5 minutes