Microfiber Leather for Furniture

Microfiber Office Chair

Microfiber Sofa and Decoration Leather

There is perhaps nothing worse than wanting to sit and relax in your offices, at home, or in hotels. The sofa you sit on could have been made of better leather than it is clothed in now. What we provide is microfiber leather that feels almost the same if not better than genuine leather. Microfiber leather sofa provides stressed-out adults with the comfort and ease to sit.

The top layer of genuine leather is comprised of ultra-fine fibers, while the layer underneath is a network of thicker fibers woven together. Our microfiber synthetic leather features a PU surface layer that has nearly the same grain structure as the genuine leather. Its base layer is non-woven fabrics made of ultra-fine fibers which mimic the grid structure of the base layer of genuine leather. Similarities in structures further lead to likenesses in performances. Microfiber leather offers the same tidy look, water barrier, and breatheability sanitation characteristics.

Stain Resistance
Stain resistant furniture is a great option for homes with naughty kids who are very likely to spill tea, milk, coffee, oil, or ink all over the place, fouling your couches, chairs, and other easy-to-reach furniture. Washing unsightly stains is a daunting task. Surely nobody wants to do it. Our microfiber couch leather features a stain-resistant design that allows easy washing. Simply using a wet rag to wipe the stain off the leather surface is all that is required to do.

Water Barrier, Breathability
The main leather structure is a network of ultra-fine fibers woven together to protect against water while allowing moisture, sweat, or air to pass through. It is good feature to have for keeping your furniture dry and comfortable as well as preventing the ingress and growth of bacteria so that your couch and chair are always clean.

Presently we can provide microfiber sofa fabric, embossed microfiber fabric, office sofa fabric, European sofa microfiber fabric, waterproof microfiber fabric, and stain-free microfiber fabric.