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One of the most important uses of microfiber leather is on leather footwear to provide wear resistance, breathability, and consistency as good if not better than genuine leather. It is easy to pass microfiber shoe leather off as natural leather since even their micro-structures look the same.

Your shoes will wear out really slowly if they are made of microfiber shoe leather. From the outside, you only see the immaculate, consistent leather surface texture, and evenly distributed pores and grain patterns which make your leather shoes a real eye-catcher. Inside the shoes, there are generally no attached furs to leather surface. A uniform thickness of the leather also enhances its wear resistance.

The base material of our synthetic leather is microfiber, offering high water vapor permeability of 400mg/(10cm·2.24h). The permeation level that microfiber leather allows for comes pretty close to that of natural leather. This breathable feature would keep air circulated inside the shoes, whic is critical to reduce foot odor. Microfiber leather shoes provide extra comfort and sanitation for your feet, too.

The common notion in the fashion world is that different leather materials should be applied to different fashion products. One of the most popular uses of our microfiber shoe leather is in the manufacture of high-end athletic shoes, casual shoes, safety footwear, kids footwear, women footwear, and shoe linings. Simply tell us your desired leather sizes and patterns that need to be cut, and we will provide suitable microfiber shoe leather.

Please note that we can provide microfiber suede fabric, microfiber safety shoes fabric, microfiber fabric with high gloss, and microfiber fabric with mirror finish, among various others.