PVC Leather for Bags

PVC Leather Handbag

PVC Leather Suitcase

PVC Leather Women's Bag

Dyed in colorants that are highly dispersible at high temperature, the PVC leather for bags is colorfast with its dye being unlikely to be washed out.

Stain Resistant
Special cross-sectional shape makes it easier to trap small dirt particles in diameter down to a few microns. This gives PVC bag leather the ability to hide dirt and oil stains.

PVC bag leather offers service life more than 4 times as long as long as conventional leather. It holds up well wash after wash. When not in use, the leather can be stored in darkness for a long time without rotting or going moldy.

With physical properties coming so close to natural leather, PVC synthetic leather is available in more flamboyant colors. It is definitely a stylish choice that you should not miss out.

Our currently offerings include the PVC luggage fabric, PVC suitcase fabric, PVC briefcase fabric, embossed PVC fabric, and more.