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Synthetic PU leather may vary in sizes, styles, or grain patterns. The leather shares several common characteristics, such as excellent mechanical strength, durability, and extra comfort, which is why it could find wide use in athletic shoes, casual shoes, women's shoes, and shoe liners.

Our PU leather offers a wide array of grain pattern choices: oiled leather, waxed leather, discolored leather, rub-off leather, sanded leather, nubuck leather, and Yangbuck leather. Whatever leather styles you want, natural, antique, or elegant, we have the right leather for you to go perfectly with your crystals and woven fabrics.

Mechanical Strength
Excellent mechanical strength makes our PU leather a preferred choice for use to construct the shoe's upper or the weight-bearing parts of the shoes. It excels in tensile strength, puncture resistance, peel strength, and rupture strength.

PU synthetic leather is highly durable. The leather gives 1 to 5 years of use as long as it is properly maintained.

The PU synthetic leather shoe is lightweight, thin and resilient, providing extra comfort that fashionable girls and boys are looking for. The leather is waterproof, highly breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing your feet to breath freely and comfortable.

Environmental Performance
We are an ISO14001 certified synthetic leather manufacturer and strictly adheres to the environmental protection standards in manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Please note that we can offer the embossed PU fabric, PU shoes fabric, and fine-grade PU fabric, among various others.